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Master Sab

Master Sab

I tried being Master and hated it!

What a treat it was when this man (we’ll call him DJ) decided to approach me to be his master. It wasn’t asked flat out like that but as our conversation grew the proposition arose. I was flattered by the parade of compliments and praise DJ gave me everyday he truly put me on the highest pedestal known to him. Naturally I stepped up on that pedestal and stepped into the master role. It was all via text at this point, he would call me Master and Qing (his term for King+Queen). I would be demanding and degrading…he loved it. I began researching this dynamic further so I could be the best master there could be. Rule him, Use him, Punish him; I poured over different Dom/Sum, Master/Slave sites. I even made him study a few so he can understand why I had certain requests. I loved it… I was fascinated by this world that I never tapped into and who better to try but me!

Monday 12/11 6pm

Prior to meeting I ask DJ to write me cover letter outlining why he deserved to be my slave or rather Doja (another term he came up with because I was uncomfortable using the term slave being a black woman) Also before we met I laid out what was to be routine rules for in person meetings. Wear all black, don’t look at me in the eyes and kiss my hand upon greeting me. Easy!

He did ok, although he could not stop looking at me in my eyes. We met at bar/restaurant, dark and with enough privacy to not alert ppl to what was transpiring. I used the candle on the table to read the cover letter as he went to fetch our drinks; I was satisfied. When he came back I notice my drink was missing the lime I asked for so I sent him back…things like that happen all evening, if I needed something he’d fetched them with no hesitation. I made him wait to eat while I enjoyed my meal and he had to kiss my boots for dessert. I asked him a few interview questions then the real question that I had… why?

Why do you want this? Does it turn you on? Have you done this before?

Why me?

I accepted all his answers and he got the job! Not that I had any other candidates lined up.

Thursday 12/21

His start time was at 6:30pm.

The plan was to have chores for him and start training. Until the roughest work day of 2017 happened the same day! A combination of issues gave me anxiety and a headache. So on my way home that evening I tried to get mentally prepared for him. As I walk up to my door I see him waiting, he’s early, good. He greets me properly, we head inside. I show him my place and tell him I’m a bit unprepared for him due to my day at work, but he can start with washing the dishes in the sink. He says “yes master” and starts.

I am furiously typing away at my laptop and he comes to me and says he’s done what can he do next. I told him the boots I’m wearing have dirt on them and he needs to clean it off, he drops to his knees and begins to lick the front off, I was a bit turned on so I told him to stop and wait for me by the foot of the couch like a good pet. He obeyed.

I was amazed at this very sight, thinking to myself how is this my life right now!? I also think to myself that I need to get my head in the game and wrap this work stuff up. So I go sit on the couch with DJ at my feet on his knees and head bowed down; like a good boy. I ask him to get me a glass of wine and make sure the glass is never empty. He asks me if he could have some wine, I am appalled that he’d ask that and I yell are you fucking crazy don’t ever think you are on my level and don’t ask me stupid questions like that. I later realize that he did this on purpose so he could get punished but I was not focused. As he squirms on his knees I can see he’s uncomfortable and trying to find the best position to be in I tell him to sit on his feet to relax a bit, and asks if he can finish cleaning my boots for me. So I put them back on and cross my legs to bring my foot up to his face, he pauses and tells me he brought a leash, shocked I tell him he’s a good boy and to get it. Leash is on and I’m gripping the other end firmly as he uses his tongue to clean every inch of my boots. These boots are black leather booties with a slight shine to them and about a 3 in heel. He goes to town! Top, bottom, heel he literally doesn’t miss a fucking spot, I can see his reflection on my boots! I can tell he is enjoying it but then I notice how much I’ve secretly been enjoying it, I’m wet and all I’ve been doing is watching him lick my dirty boots! This discovery made me snap out of it all and I told him he’s done, he did a good job, ordered him to go sweep my room and then he’ll be done for the night. As he stands up he is visibly hard and I say you enjoyed that huh! He covers is hard on goes. He sweeps my room asks if there’s anything else he can do and he packs up and leaves.

I closed the door after him and went to my room plopped down on my bed replaying what just occurred! I notice how tired I’m feeling and climb under the covers. Why am I so tired, feeling so drained. All the answers came to me the next day with a clear head… I didn’t have the energy needed to carry out the master plan that night. DJ required so much energy and was looking for so much more from me. So much so all the energy I did have was completely depleted, reason for my sudden exhaustion.

Although I enjoyed that evening I don’t truly believe the Master role is meant for me. I don’t think I’d be able to satisfy DJ’s submissive needs and frankly, I don’t see any benefits in it for me! I would never fuck him or even him let him touch me, I guess I can have a power trip for a couple hours but in exchange of all my energy, no thank you. He’s not paying me… which made me think maybe that’s how I keep this going but then that idea also turned me off. So here I am writing to to you world.

What does a master wanna be do?

“Get your nudes here!”

“Get your nudes here!”