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Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy

Is real and you know it. The unspoken pull felt between two people usually not of your choosing. Not to be confused for a strong physical attraction to someone which is based on your personal preference. 

This is more like two bodies suddenly finding themselves inexplicably sexually attracted to one another, it's truly beyond the realm of your own self-control. 

When your "minds telling you no but your body, your body's telling you yaahess"... Vibes....That tingle down under. Whatever you wanna call it!  

I mean have you ever experienced that unexpected electric shock of sexuality that races through your body after accidentally brush up against a stranger? Can't just be me! When it has happened all my mind does is wander into sexual thoughts... then I snap to it and wonder if this stranger felt what I felt.

Some people have a conscious awareness of their sexual energy. I bring one of this people, we learn to generate, center and focus the sexual energy and communicate this “inner fire”.  However those who lack the illumination of that inner fire seem lackluster, average or dull, and feel unworthy, can’t reach out, terrified of rejection etc. The man or woman “on fire” discharges a subtle energy that hits the another at on different level, beyond verbal and non-verbal communication.

Now the question becomes what do you do with it?

*Bam* you're suddenly feeling this energy after meeting someone or catching each other's eyes... do you make a move? Or just enjoy the connection in the moment and move on? 

And what does one do when the sexual energy is unwanted?

Acting on this sexual impulse can be hot passionate and exciting however you can't just jump down someone's pants because you felt a slight tingle. Best bet is to go and break the ice, ensure that this tantalizing energy is mutual. If you felt the initial surge of energy then it won't be hard to spark a conversation and feed that fire. 

When it comes to unwanted energy, straight up you gotta block that shit! If you're spiritual or knowledgeableabout your chakras you understand visualizing and affirming a shield to block certain energy. Don't accept it, don't even entertain it because you don't want to send and inviting message.

Sex is just one expression of sexual energy. When driven by this energy we develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to us at other times. Many of the self-imposed limitations – doubts, fears, inhibitions etc,. that you imagined were stopping you from being utterly irresistible to the opposite sex just seem to be silly and drift away.

Some people have beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that were programmed into them by their upbringing and environment and that pose a challenge in tapping into ones sexual energy. But just because it has the word sex in it, doesn't have to carry a negative connotation. Sexual energy can be beautifully channeled for spiritual development, creativity and over all well being. This can be done with out the act of sex I.e meditating and best done with the act if sex. 

Being in tuned with your sexual energy during sex is one of the most beautiful and freeing feelings I've ever experienced. I learned how to after reading a book The Heart of Tantric sex by Diana Richardson.

This book describes how we now are so far removed from a true sexual experience when we are having sex... we focus on the end goal - orgasm. We over think - on how we look, taste, smell,sound etc. that we are not present and can't even enjoy the very reason we are there. Tantric sex is tapping into your sexual energy, learning how to be conscious of it, feel it and ride that wave! I will have a whole post dedicated to this because there so much to be said but I urge you to begin researching!

Sexual energy is flowing all around but can be oh the better when one can focus and channel it correctly... you'll thank me!