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88% of cell phone users have done it at least once. Sexting is the texting of naughty messages and/or nude pictures. Just like all sexual things there is an art to sexting. It’s the mental foreplay that make the physical oh so much better. You have to say the right thing to get a person turned on from a phone screen. And the sending of nudes is a delicate situation that ought to be well thought out.

Before you can even think of sending a spicy text, think of the person on the receiving end. Don’t be a creep… gage the nature of the relationship is it cool to sext this person? How will they respond? If you’re not sure test the waters with something PG flirty first! Most important be sure you can trust the person you are sending things to.

Ok so let’s get into it ladies and gents…


I am highly protective of my nudes, I rarely send any, even if we have been intimate. Now receiving nudes… ha! I’ve gotten uninvited pics and that is a serious NO. To speak on behalf of most women… fellas, please please please stop sending lame dick pics, videos, collages. Seriously that girl or guy you just sent it to is not only turned off but laughing and showing their friends! A stand alone dick is not hot… do you find your dick attractive? Cuz it’s not… and no one wants to see you holding your lonely dry ass dick. If you must send pics, because some women do like receiving them, take note: a dick looks better when attached to a body but if you can’t get a full length flick then at least it can be accompanied by spit/oil, a mouth, or a beautiful vagina. You want to know what is more attractive a bulge! Seeing an imprint or the bare outline of a mans package through his pants or underwear is a major turn on. This statement is approved by myself and other women I’ve talked to on this subject.


The correct sequence of words forming a sexy sentence can really be the key that starts the engine. You don’t have to be a poet but get creative not corny. Sext messages are meant to entice and build arousal. Tell me in a text what you want to do to me and how you’re going to do it and I’ll be turned on in my office chair and badly wanting you by that evening. Speaking for the ladies again, once you get us turned on mentally you’re winning the race champ!

I’ve laid out a few winners for you to try on your current situation. #yourewelcome

“I’m touching myself thinking about you”

“You turn me on so much”

“I want to make you cum”

“You make me so wet”

“I need you inside of me right now”

“Remember the time we did (blank)”

“I can’t get last night out of my mind”

“I’m going to make you beg for it”

“Your body looks amazing”

“I want you/ I need you”

“Get over here now”

“Tell me what you want to do to me”

“You can do anything you want to me tonight”

“I want you to boss me around tonight”

Happy sexting and as always be safe!


Dress up

Dress up

Bald or Bush?

Bald or Bush?