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Mastering ur Bait

Mastering ur Bait

Am I the only one who sets up my masturbating sessions? Usually in my bed, shirt off panties can stay on… under the covers (cuz I’ll I get cold and I’ll get turned off lol)

Got to find the right porn vid. What’s your go to? Mine is not what you would think… Or maybe you would think idk…

Lesbian porn! “Gasp!” Reason being, they show the best views of cunnilingus (that word is so not sexy) And that’s what I need to have on my mind when self-servicing. Whereas hetero-porn that obviously show men giving head also but they tend to rush it and be rough about it 😩 where as the ladies take their time making it more sensual. Anyways I masturbated to lesbian porn once years ago when I searched p***y licking and it has been my go to since. Now to actually try some girl on girl action is next on my list…. 👀 (to be continued). This is not to say I don’t enjoy all porn genres for masturbation because lawd knows I do. Sometimes I’m in the mood to watch other things but I’ve learned what works for me.

There are some out there that aren’t into self serving. They feel ashamed or don’t get much out of it. Well listen up dipshits…Here are some bullet points I pulled from Psychology Today.

7 Myths About Masturbation-and the Truth About Solo Sex
Surely you know that it won't cause insanity or grow hair on your palms. But judging by the questions I've received from…www.psychologytoday.com

Every sexuality expert agrees:

“Masturbation is normal, healthy, and doesn’t cause physical or mental health problems as many believe. 94% men and 85% women masturbate and the rest just lie about it!”

Masturbation is our original sexuality, it’s how we dealt with our curiosity as an adolescent and only became weird about it after adults or religion told us it was shameful.

And no self pleasure is not cheating… It is how the vast majority of people learn what turns them on. Why give up chocolate cake once you’ve discovered apple pie? Partner sex doesn’t replace masturbation. The two are complementary.

Many psychologists say you can’t love another person until you learn to love yourself. By the same token, you can’t have great sex with anyone else until you learn to experience it solo. In sex therapy for several common problems — premature ejaculation in men and arousal and orgasm difficulties in women — masturbation is a fundamental part of treatment.

Benefits of Masturbation

  • The obvious is getting to climax!
  • Relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Keeps your reproductive tissues strong
  • Helps you go to sleep better

Here are some illrotic tips to make your special “me” time the best it could be.

Make it wet — A dry rub should only be for cooking. Ladies and Gents spit, Lube or lotion will make the experience 100% better.

Total Body workout — treat your whole body as equal don’t just focus on genitals. Get your nipples and other sweet spots involved.

Use both hands — Don’t always use the same hand… Use the other to switch things up and surprise yourself once in a while.

Positions — Try different positions!

Take your time — A rushed orgasm is never ok… So take your time and enjoy each every fucking second.

Help the world out with a happier you… go rub one out and see the wonderful person you can actually be! :)



Dress up

Dress up