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Great Outdo-O's

Great Outdo-O's

Seems simple but how often have you really taken sex outside of the house? It’s absolutely normal for the mood to strike while you’re out and about. But what do you actually do when that feeling comes crashing over you like a warm wave. Most of us just wait till we get home with the hope that you’ll have an ounce of that rush left. Or if you’re an impatient MF like me you make it known that you need to leave immediately. However the most ideal, although brave scenario would be to act on that beautiful rise of lust by finding a spot you and your partner can sneak off to get a quickie in. Like in the bathroom of that fancy restaurant perhaps? or is that just my fantasy?

Not only do you get your fix fixed but engaging in sex outside the bedroom is a fun way to add something new to your sex life. It’s an experience that will be an intimate secret for you and your partner. Sharing these feelings of excitement can help couples get connected during the experience and after.

As much fun as this spontaneous sex can lead to it’s also not something to take lightly. There are laws in each state that differ on indecent exposure and lewd conduct, so be careful about when and where you’re getting busy. Most of the time, you’ll have to make it quick and you should always clean up after yourselves!

Best practice — never get fully nude and be sure you’re wearing an easy access outfit.

“This is a private act that you and your partner are deciding to do in a public area, so you do not want to be offensive or disrespectful to anyone that is around or may be around later.” — Dr. Emily Morse

One thing to keep in mind when going for “outside” sex is that you’re doing it for the thrill rather than trying to reach some intense orgasm. It’s definitely harder for some people to reach climax while doing it in public because their focus is hindered and the range of positions you can do are limited. But hey great sex is still great sex even without an orgasm.

For starters, it’s best to start with places immediately outside of your bedroom but still in the house.

Backyard: pitch a tent (pun intended) or not bare ass and grass can be interesting

Couch: your everyday gathering place just got sexy. (I’m against using communal space but it’s your world do what you want!)

Shower/Bath tub: an easy move from the bed and the water makes for some sexy steamy situation

Mirror: now this is a gem I’m throwing in… this is not exactly out of the bedroom but it is a fucking awesome way to add some fun to your boring bed sex. Thank me now and later.

You can always just do it in another bedroom

Hotel: get a room with a view and go on that balcony

Guest Bedroom: of friends or relatives just keep your voices down!

For the fearless, that risk of getting caught is sure to give you an extra boost of adrenaline.

Car: pull over, find a secluded spot and turn that fine car radio up

Event: slip away to the bathroom but make it quick people will started looking for you!

Bathroom: of a high end restaurant or anywhere! I had one steamy situation in the bathroom of a bar…sounds bad but it was so amazing.

Beach: bring a blanket or look for life guard stand. Honestly isn’t as romantic as it may sound (just saying)

Plane: Mile High Club. But the tiny bathrooms on planes these days I don’t see this being a real option

Forest/Park: find a spot far away from foot traffic — please be mindful of children!

Fitting room: I dare you!

Rooftop: of any building! If you can prepare you should bring a blanket.

No matter where you decide to get it on in public, enjoy it. Stay safe, keep it quick, and you’re good to go. With a a little imagination (and flexibility) you can basically fuck anywhere you want to.