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Erotic literature comprises of fictional and factual stories and accounts of human sexual relationships which have the power to or are intended to arouse the reader sexually.

Erotica is my literature of choice. I have a modest collection that I love to re-read. I’ve been asked if erotica is just like reading porn… no. Think of a movie vs. book version always different, the book is always better! Facts Erotica can get you aroused on another level. Mental stimulation allows your thoughts to reach new heights. I’ve missed my stop on the train getting into a story!

Part of my collection


With anything though there are always good bad and ugly.

Good = Lolita

Bad = 50 shades of grey

Ugly = romance and hood novels.

Erotic literature started in form of poems in ancient times and evolved to short stories and novels both fiction and true-life memoirs. Of course erotica did not come about with out a fight… lots of fights. As taboo as sex is now you can only imagine how it was viewed eras ago. Sex was never to be spoken about in public let alone written about and distributed. “They” (shout out to Khaled) tried to ban, and burn the books/poems and punish the authors who dared to use their real names. Writing under alias was best practice for erotic literature, so “they” put legal restraints and censorship on these publications on the grounds of obscenity. Now a days erotica can be found in your local library and book stores. The section is never lengthy but you can still find some goodies.

Funny story — I went to the 38th st NY Public Library asked in my lowest voice where I would find the erotica section and the nice librarian, in her loudest voice, said “well it’s a small erotica selection but you’ll find something hot” writes down the section and smiles.


My go to is Strand, they have a great selection and they to have collections that have series of “best erotica of every year” always a good pick up. And they won’t announce your steamy request for all to know!

Some of my top favs…



Mastering ur Bait

Mastering ur Bait