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Dress up

Dress up

Let’s talk about dressing up to add a layer of fun to sex. With anything there are levels to this. There’s simply putting something sexy on (Lingerie), role play costumes (French maid, police man) and then there’s Cos play where you are really in full costume, playing a character. (Furries,comicon like costumes)

I’m a huge fan of lingerie. A costly pleasure but when I wear a piece, it seriously makes me feel on top of the world. I feel exceptionally sexy and if I feel sexy, I am sexy and want to do insanely sexy thangs duh. Also the response from my partner when I wear lingerie is one of the most satisfying parts of the whole ordeal. I know you’re asking how is it worth all that $ if they are just going to take it off? Just try it out one time and you’ll see why it’s worth it. I mean there’s no actual study on this but from my experiences the foreplay lasts longer and the sex is better when you get dressed up.

My favorite shop in NYC: the little flirt…their selection is on point, quality but still affordable. The staff is nice and treat you like a personal client every time. The owner is a hilarious older woman named Rebecca!

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“Costumes are a part of many a couple’s bedroom antics and can lead not only to incredible foreplay, but a different kind of intimacy. Living out your fantasies with your partner won’t just keep things kinky, it’ll definitely work to enhance your desire for each other”

Dressing Up For Sex
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Dressing up goes hand in hand with role playing. You dress up to make you feel different and out of character therefore allowing you to act different and thus out of character… hopefully for the better. This gives you a different view of your partner as well… they are no longer your hard working girlfriend, awesome husband or parent to your children. Now they are the naughty nurse, bad cop or batman! You get to bring someone “new” into your bedroom without getting in any trouble.

Play the part

So you’ve got the outfit down now it’s show time. Just remember to play the part even if it feels silly at first. It’s ok to laugh but don’t give up on the event! Best way for beginners is to start with with playing yourself but in a different scenario.


  1. Strangers meeting at a bar
  2. Fake argument, because we all know make up sex is bomb
  3. Switch dominant vs. submissive roles
  4. Fancy shmancy — relationships allow for comfort and that means holy t-shirt and sweatpants comfort. Save up. Dress up and go somewhere super nice order champagne and the works. And be yourself but the opulent, fancy version!
  5. Work role — use your actual job role as your character

For novice

  1. Play doctor
  2. Movie/TV characters
  3. Police and naughty civilian

Get Into Roleplay
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Like any and all sexual acts, dressing up and role playing should be discussed before engaging. Find out what you and our partner would be comfortable with and give it a whirl!

Mastering ur Bait

Mastering ur Bait