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Bald or Bush?

Bald or Bush?

60% of men prefer hair-free partner

20% of women want a hair-free partner

As the years have gone so has pubic hair for women. There was a time (that I think is making a come back) when women rocked bushes and it was all groovy baby. Now we all aim for the squeakiest, shiniest toy on the block. Shaving was cool, waxing is better and now lasering it off permanently is the next level. As nice as results may be your pubic hair is there for plenty of reason… serves as protection against bacteria and some STI’s and comfort against friction during sexual intercut sexual.

Studies show that women often do this because of their partners preference… others say it’s a personal preference. I say do want you want! You’re going to fuck either way! It doesn’t help how we see “sexy” being fed to us in media, all the “baddies” are bald up to their eyelashes! I dare you to find one hair on one of those ladies! lol

And nooo I’m not above a hairless puss I personally prefer to keep mine free of hair. But to my defense I was traumatized after my high school love told me he didn’t like that I had hair on vagina. It made me feel so self conscious, that I ran home and shaved it the same day!

However I believe if pubic hair was celebrated and we saw more pornstars and celebrities rocking a lil bit of hair down there the trend would come back and be accepted more.

I did my own survey:

Simple question- “do you prefer hair or no hair down there?”

Men: As I’m sure you can guess “no hair” was the #1 answer. However I was met with a lot of buuutttssss…. saying a maintained low layer of hair is also welcomed.

Women: the ladies didn’t feel to be so hung up about hair — most women prefer their partner kept their area maintained with the hair low but not bald.

Men definitely have it a bit easier when it comes to pubic hair standards. You can literally rock out…(you know how the saying goes). Most people don’t mind hair on men but be considerate and don’t let your pubes grow into a scary situation. A bald and shiny penis is nothing to sleep on, it’s quite the treat. For you men that do that that extra step, thank you. And guys do us all a favor and include your balls in the grooming process!

If you’re new to life, or just want a refresher here’s the best breakdown on how to tame the hair on vaginas and penises. From my fav SexwithEmily.com

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