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Bad Head

Bad Head

noun. cun·ni·lin·gus. \ˌkə-ni-ˈliŋ-gəs\

noun. fel·la·tio. \fə-ˈlā-shē-ˌō, fe-\

Bad head… a cardinal sin. There are too many people not treating oral sex like the beautiful act that it is and this is what gets me most upset. Totally understood when it’s your first go around with a new person so you have to learn to navigate their parts and feel out what it is they like, looking for reactions. I’m talking to those of you (ladies and gentlemen) that just go down there like it’s a chore. When you treat head like your junky closet mess you’ve been ignoring, that you now have to clean because you have guests coming over; then you’re not down there for the full experience. Why even bother? Save your partner those few minutes of furrowed eyebrows and question marks and get to the fucking which better be fucking amazing!

If you are a sinner or unsure if you’re sinning, read on.

How to make sure you’re not failing at the brain game…

While reading this remember that everyone is different, so be attentive and even ask what your partner likes and dislikes.

Here’s some of my best advice:

For cunnilingus

Enthusiasm — Enjoy this! Make her feel like she is the meal you’ve been craving all day

Clit work — Focus on that clit it’s the hot spot. But please don’t use a pointy tongue, keep a soft, flat tongue.

Body work — Don’t forget about the rest of her body, kiss/lick her thighs, vulva, ass (if you’re into it). Try using your fingers while giving her clit the biz.

I like this break down Dr. Emily Morse gave in this Q&A on Ask Men:


"Enthusiasm: Here’s the thing — you could be amazing at oral sex but if you look like you’re swallowing cough syrup or you’re uncomfortable, or your leg fell asleep — she’s not going to be comfortable. She might even be worried about why you’re acting weird and assume it’s because you’ve lost interest, and that’s a mood killer for sure. Stay positive and encouraging and enthusiastic."

For fellatio:

Enthusiasm — Enjoy this too! Make him feel like the only cure for your heat is having him all the way down your throat.

Lather up — Don’t disrespect that penis, lather it up with spit. Put your tongue to work from tip to balls. The messier the better is my motto!

Tips — The tip is most sensitive so make it feel extra good, put your tongue and lips around it. Let it hit the back of your throat (if you can)

Body work — Kiss/Lick his body on the way down and don’t you forget the balls! They need equal amounts of love. And put your hands to work to make the perfect harmony of mouth and hand movement, I promise you’ll be winning.

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*Please note — never do anything you don’t want to do… be upfront with your partner, if you don’t feel like giving head then simply don’t.*

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