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Happy New Year! Here’s an illrotic resolution for your 2017 : retire those same old sex moves. Don’t worry I found an article that included how-to sketches so you can impress him or her asap. My suggestion is to try one at time. Do 1 or 2 one night and see if your partner enjoys it, save some for another time. Once you learn which moves you and your partner enjoy the most store those and use sporadically. I say to use sporadically so your sexy time doesn’t become routine and thus extremely boring and in 2017 (in life period) that’s just a NO.

37 Sex Positions You Need To Try Before You Die, Illustrated
Just about every guy and girl in the world likes sex. Hell, if most of us could just skip the whole work thing and spend…www.askmen.com

I’ve outlined my favorite out of Ask Men’s list of 37 positions because in that list there are the boring moves you’re already doing EVERY time.

For starters initiating can be fun too, don’t just tap your partner on the should and give those eyes that you think look sexy but seriously just look like you’ve asked a question and awaiting the answer. (see my “initiating sex” post) get the initiating started in a new way.


Illustrations by Carleena Ranger

Face sitting/fucking

Oral sex can be explored in many ways and my personal favorite is illustrated above! Face fucking gives your partner the ultimate pleasure of controlling the pace and fun they have with your mouth. And all you do is lay there and be the receiver!

Doggy style head

Giving oral sex from behind is a fun way to get a nice view of your partner and please them at the same time.

Table sex

Why not use every area of your place! Have your partner lay on a table or any waist level platform with their butt at the the very edge. Planting your feet firmly on the ground helps you get a deep thrust with intense power.

Reverse cowgirl variation

Reverse cowgirl position usually has the female sitting straight up and forming a T with your bodies. In this variation the woman should lean forward and grab a hold of her man’s shins or plant her arms on the bed/ground. This will give her leverage to bounce her bottom half up and down giving her man an amazing view and her control over the pace and pleasure she feels.


Strong couples only… lol. This requires some strength and endurance on both parties. This is more of a transition position not one to stay in for too long. Have her stay on all fours, then wrap her legs around your waist. Once her vagina is in line with your penis enter her and hold a firm grip on her hips.

Hot seat

An intimate position that delivers great feels! The man kneels with his butt perched on his heels, have your lady mount you with legs around you but her feet planted on the bed/ground. This allows the man to penetrate with deep thrusts and the woman to move up and down and assist. Not to mention the face to face interaction is ideal for kissing and whisper all those sweet or nasty things your partner wants to hear.

Wonder Woman

The wonder woman will need to lie down then perch her self up with her arms, almost like a backward push up. Once vagina meets your man let him penetrate with a nice grip on your hips or ass.

Doggy variation

Doggy style best position in my opinion but there are so many variations and I think this one is cool. Guys start on the edge of the bed and have your partner bend over in front of you. Pull them towards you and dive in, for more power plant one foot down on the ground and go for it!

Pile driver

Yogis rejoice. This position is perfect for the limber flexible yoga folks. For all of us other folks you’ve been warned this position is not easy nor will it last all night. But if you’re down to try, have your lady lie on her back then lift her legs up in the air until her butt is above her head. Straddle her and you’ll penetrate using an up and down motion. You’ll have to lean forward to get your penis in the right angle.

Now go on an try something new in bed or outside of bed!

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Choking kinks

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